What are the small business project

small entrepreneurial projects in fact a lot of really, all walks of life have some lower investment threshold of the project, the need to join the business to do a good job of investigation, and strive to tap business opportunities. If you are looking for a small project, Xiao Bian can provide some analysis reference, so that franchisees can do a good job of selecting projects, the early establishment of new directions.

A, special soup delivery shop: according to the survey, most of the city in 83% of China’s white-collar workers admitted for lunch lunch often feel suffering, work pressure, nutrition structure of lunch is critical in Chinese medicine tonic, yin and Yang conditioning, how can a simple lunch million new venture! Recommended features soup shop can provide convenient delivery. Hygiene。 Nutrition reasonable soup. Take out supply, so that the lunch box white-collar workers, hospitals, students, small area to facilitate. Small entrepreneurial projects, specialty soup express store investment of 1 to 30 thousand, an annual return of more than 40 thousand, small entrepreneurs worth considering.

three, color health tofu shop: new color processing is the processing of health tofu, peanut, soybean, Chinese wolfberry jujube with special health tofu machine, and instead of gypsum, brine with the ecological coagulant. The bean curd produced by this method not only has high nutritional and health value, but also has the advantages of good taste, no bitterness, no smell and good elasticity. Buy a small health tofu machine, in the city processing, sales of health tofu, a certain amount of benefits. And low investment, low risk, is a very suitable for urban low-income workers and laid-off workers to get rich.

four, the textile workshop: female consumer self-service now tend to entertainment consumption, in leisure consumption and experience a nostalgic mood. Self – made textiles cater to their needs. Now a lot of home textile stores are now doing the silk quilt, quilt what, the highlight is the production of the scene or handmade. Small entrepreneurial projects, rent a storefront, 200 square meters is enough, the key is to highlight the characteristics of textiles. Can teach customers to weave some scarves, towels and other simple items.

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