A retail business may give some creative gift

in order to promote the sale of goods, and now many shops will carry out a number of promotional activities, will give some small gifts. However, this gift also needs us to be creative, so as to protect the commodity sales. So, do retail business may wish to give some creative gifts.

I shop for nearly eight years, the business is also considered prosperous. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards year by year, the main selling cigarettes on the market in 10 yuan / pack, medium and low cigarette consumer groups declined year by year. To this end, I actively use their brains, the idea of trying to attract business, improve the level of tobacco sales.

my approach is to pro, send gifts. I do it myself, I will make those small objects into creative gifts. Such as: the wine gift box turned the grid storage box, the box turned into a rectangular box, the hole at the top of the jar made of paper cans will change, the toothpaste box becomes compact and practical pen, the cigarette packaging waste cut into every kind of small hand……

the most important thing is that I will store the phone number, business address and main items such as information on these small gifts. This will not only ensure that the sale of low-grade tobacco profits, but also became a store of live advertising, for me to retain a lot of repeat customers.

business can not blindly hold the attitude, not to take the initiative, under the current competition, I am afraid it is difficult to make our business really get better development. So, I believe, as long as willing to take care of, the business will naturally sesame – jiejiegao.

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