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now, no matter what the industry is very competitive. Moreover, in the continuous improvement of our living standards today, we face the growing demand for beauty, which prompted the rise of the beauty industry. So, entrepreneurship to choose how to join the beauty salon?

beauty chain?

devices have air conditioning, hot and cold water device, beauty bed (there are many), Orsan steam engine, electric instrument, beauty of yin and Yang iontophoresis apparatus, multi-function beauty instrument, high frequency electrotherapy, vacuum Straw electrotherapeutical instrument, ultrasonic beauty instrument, skin detector, chest and eyebrow tattoo machine, skin brushing, infrared Rudd’s lamp, lamp, disinfection cabinet (red, violet), small washing machine, see the purchase of slimming instrument, blankets, seat (including guest rest), as well as the customer with drinking fountains, and the small acne needle scalpel, plates, small carts, mirror (including the dressing table), towel, small towel, small bowl, scraper (spatula), brush, trash, debris racks, threading tools, gauze, lighting equipment (bright light without glare, installed in the appropriate position); ventilation equipment, if it is Easy to have a sound.

if necessary, staff uniform clothing. What materials commonly used? Mainly iodine solution series of skin care products, a traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupoint massage supplies cans, medical instrument, Chinese medicine, spray 75% alcohol, 2%, 3%, 0 (hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen peroxide), 1% Bromogeramine, cotton, three kinds of own good with the Cleansing Cream, massage cream, shrinkage water, several kinds of mask powder (soft and hard), paper and so on, about 100 thousand yuan will be able to open a small beauty chain stores.

for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project, is the first step we worry free business. How about beauty franchise? Brand project, it is worth our choice. Join the beauty industry, it is worth joining!

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