You feel shy to not worth a hair

Abstract: will anyone really concerned about your failure? Maybe you are someone else two days after dinner conversation piece, but they soon forget. It’s not as bad as you think. In fact, no one cares what you want to do, what to do, what you fail, they will only remember what you did in the end.


often see entrepreneurs message, about their confusion:

I before the annual salary of 300 thousand, do not have to worry about food and clothing. A few months ago to resign entrepreneurship, and now the project is not smooth, I am also very tangled, afraid that once the venture failed, I am so long effort in vain.

and, the same age friends and I started almost the same salary, in case of failure, I can return to the previous life now I doubt their choice every day.

was it right to decide to start a business,


will I miss more?

if I switch to another company, I might have been president in the top 500.

investors have had a similar Tucao:

watched others minute hundreds of thousands of times the return, the line into the doings of ghosts and gods, in recent years also saw thousands of items, hit in the hands of money is also Jibaiqianwan, let alone the unicorn, unicorn quail have never seen.

recently more and more anxious, but also not too hard to see the project to find a line of research, investment is also a loss, it is better not to vote.

am I really not suitable for investment?

if you go to the investment bank, maybe now is the Arctic penguin.

The second general

tea to see this message, will silently say oh.

are small bluntly, you think too much.

you’re taking too much of your efforts.

as if the effort is gained, only once in a lifetime like, being in the wrong place. Trouble is overcautious and indecisive.

don’t you think it would be a pity if you didn’t have one in your life, don’t ask for results, and go all out to do one thing?

there is no time to care about gains and losses, are combing a few business models, or brush the number of copies of the BP.

to tell you the truth, your efforts and the appendix, like an organ, that can be sold for a fruit 7, in fact, what is not worth the money, in vain in vain.


besides, do you think you can get into the top 500 without starting a business? Do you think the unicorn will come running to call his father,


a lot of people like them, once the intention to do one thing, it is necessary to consider the opportunity cost – for fear of their own wrong, missed the opportunity to become a horse father or teacher xu.

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