Due to a car accident 120 thousand days of the price of the Trailer Trailer driver two months negoti

a car accident, so that the driver Wang Yunli caught in a debt of 120 thousand Trailer fees. Astronomical Trailer fee so that he can not afford to go through two months of negotiations, this event is still not resolved.

60 recording record price Trailer dispute

2015 in November 2nd, the newspaper reported "$120 thousand Rescue Trailer puzzled accident the driver a driver driving a truck", on October 23rd at xingshikou road and a truck collided after police coordination, from a company called rescue rescue trailer. Two cars spent a total of $128 thousand and 700, the driver Wang Yunli frankly can not afford".

60 telephone recording of Wang Yunli’s efforts in 60 days – in order to solve the rescue company to give himself out of the $128 thousand and 700 Trailer rescue fee, he constantly with the traffic team and rescue company representations.

recording in two months

"mammon" mean at the foot of a book, which has four consecutive page registration with audio information, a total of 60 recordings, which marked "Haidian brigade" 33, "Huangzhuang brigade" of the 8, rescue company 18, another is marked with oil station".

these entries, marked "live recording" is 40. There are 29 marked "Haidian brigade", these recordings occurred in 11 days; 2 marked "Huangzhuang brigade", these recordings occurred in 2 days; 8 marked "rescue", these recordings took place in 3 days.

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