The reason of high rate of Chaozhou flop casserole porridge

to ask the food and beverage market in Chaozhou Shantou casserole porridge so high flop rate is what? It is with the grandmother, Green Tea etc. restaurants as because of its powerful central kitchen, the turnover rate of taiwan. That’s not the answer. Authentic Chaozhou Shantou casserole porridge throughout the need for manual mixing, under normal circumstances, the speed of production will be constrained by the process, hot pot table, guests dining time will be relatively long. Even in the double test, the tide is still able to do porridge Hui higher average rate of over taiwan. So how does it work? Let’s take a look at what’s going on!

"Chao Hui porridge" is a casserole in Chaoshan porridge, Chaozhou cuisine, Hong Kong style snacks and special snack in Chaozhou such as the characteristic of Chinese food chain brand. Founded in November 27, 2013, Beijing is currently a total of 8 stores, 1 stores in Tianjin; by the end of 2016 to January 2017, with the newly opened two stores and Wanda Tianjin Joy City store, Chao Hui officially settled porridge with a new image line of business.

previously opened a new world shop, although only 150 square meters, but with production capacity and turnover rate, Taiwan, created a single store monthly turnover record and store daily sales records.

The founder of

are from the Hui Chao porridge is the world’s top 500 enterprises, once worked in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle and other well-known enterprises, has led the team to success, 4 years ago in the restaurant, Guo Peng and his partners are in the catering industry rookie. More than 3 years of time, Chao Hui porridge and this achievement is not easy, but also the previous years of management experience and sales experience in cross-border and lay a solid foundation for their success.

in the view of Guo Peng, they chose the right category and location, which is the basis of success.

they have a correct team and corporate culture, which is a guarantee of success.

they are analytical data, products made with originality, it is fundamental to success.

first, select the right category.

Chaoshan casserole porridge with its unique cultural connotation and healthy diet concept, loved by diners.

precisely because of this, Chaozhou Shantou casserole porridge has a large amount of high-quality consumer groups. Faced with such a large customer base, but this category has not yet a high-profile brand.

from the Beijing market, the current Beijing has 50 or so casserole porridge brand, many of them are Chaoshan couple store. Although the taste is very good, but from the standardization, the chain has a great distance.


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