Methods to improve the car fast repair shop business what are the whole

although the number of cars it is very large, however, after all, can provide car beauty service brand is also very much, has led to fierce competition in the automobile service enterprise, many car fast repair shop business is very bad. How to improve the store’s business, which requires operators to master some methods. So, to improve the method of car fast repair shop business what?


1. car beauty repair shop near the gas station to try to work with them to every door (gas or gas over a certain amount, depending on your preference is enough exciting) customers to your store a chance to enjoy preferential. At the same time, I suggest that the discount must be able to impress the customer, it is not necessarily a high price of things, but must be a high sense of value. For example, if you provide a free wheel positioning, feel the value is relatively high, but in fact you can not spend a few dollars, so you can impress customers.

2. car repair shop operators can direct use of payment cards (remember the opposite picture map!) Way to refuel the car owners, and do not have to let the gas station card. But I am more supportive of the former, because it can let the gas station to help you advertise, for example, you spend 200 yuan to the gas station to do a big banner, write refueling, free wheel positioning, and so on. Win win.

3. car repair shops and restaurants near the operator can contact, so that they provide free parking tickets issued a free service to your store to enjoy preferential gift, such as car washing and so on. As for the hotel price, you during the period of cooperation to the vehicle interior hotel offers a free car wash card etc.. In a word according to master your strength and to provide you with the sense of customer value multiplier preferential gift.

4. car repair shop operators and parking lot near contact, in a similar way to work with them to provide free items for each owner.


5. in the above car repair shop operators can be sent directly to the owners of the payment card, the premise is you must have tempted the gift. Remember, do not expect you to get 100% of the feedback, there will always be a large number of customers will not be tempted, you have to understand their recruitment costs are not high.

6. a little skill, remember to do something different small marks on the card, so you can accurately grasp a card to store car fast repair services. His card is where you (which hotel, which gas station etc.) issued, the statistics issued the card in what place is the best so, can choose to focus on promotion of the place.

to talk about how to operate a store, in fact, people have already known the industry introduced the method, recommended

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