Dongsheng vomiting summary 4 reasons of entrepreneurial failure

entrepreneurship is a complex system engineering, more and more people want to start the business, the failure of the people will also increase, most of the entrepreneurial failure, there are many common reasons.

first, find excuses for yourself

assume that entrepreneurs have a public relations companies: entrepreneurs failed to complete the work before the deadline, then, entrepreneurs will be how to deal with customer complaints and dissatisfaction?

do not look for the reason to say: "I’m overwhelmed with a heavy workload, so have no time to do the entrepreneurial scheme. It is very unwise, if the customer doesn’t care how entrepreneurs stand hard work, they will only remember, entrepreneurs promised to complete his work but in a certain period before.

with excuses, not as good as the first to honestly admit their mistakes, and then try to make things better. Even if it is overtime work, to consumers, and consumers will need to send him to the house that night. When entrepreneurs can assume all responsibility and correct the mistakes of entrepreneurs, the original will not be a good thing for entrepreneurs to win the trust of consumers.

two, ignoring the consumer

consumers become old customers, so that they feel that the old customers to become entrepreneurs is to their advantage, so as to bring benefits to the enterprise.

once entrepreneurs slack down, entrepreneurs will lose. Do not take it for granted that consumers buy the entrepreneur once, it will become a lifelong entrepreneur.

even as entrepreneurs read this passage of time, the entrepreneurial competitors may be ready to plan how to be entrepreneurs consumers away when. What can attract entrepreneurs to become repeat customers


if entrepreneurs have a coffee shop, entrepreneurs can organize some regular promotions, such as consumers buy nine cups of coffee, you can get a cup of extra.

three, do not pay attention to feedback information

most consumers will not tell entrepreneurs their dissatisfaction, just turn away and find another transaction. Keep them with some extra time to get their attention, set the time for a private meeting, or do a theme of discussion, and entrepreneur’s direct telephone customer contact, or ask them to answer some survey questions, such as: why did you choose our products and services


what makes you buy our products instead of other suppliers? What do you think our products and services need to improve?

answers to these questions will help entrepreneurs business. Entrepreneurs will find those aspects of entrepreneurs have done a good job, which still lack. If a consumer is not satisfied, the entrepreneur can take action before he changes his mind. When the entrepreneur to the consumer questionnaire, it shows that the entrepreneur’s attention to him, thus attracting

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