Do not give up the opportunity to Ma to our entrepreneurial inspiration

do anything, we have to insist, do not give up we have the opportunity to win, if we do not insist on giving up at the beginning, then there is no hope at all, you want to start a business ready?

to the Internet in 2002 "the cold winter", Ma to employees of the Alibaba said "kneeling in winter", stick to it, waiting for the arrival of the "spring". He said: China website 6 months, there will be 80% dead, like the new economy, there are 70% ideas to be thrown away, only about 30% can be achieved. Then you compete with competitors who can live, who can focus. No matter how bitter and tired, even if it is half kneeling on the ground have to kneel there. Kneeling on the winter, that is, you can not stand a kneeling, do not lie down, do not fall. Persistence is victory."

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