2017 snow Urumqi lasts 40 hours of snow

2017 years before the Spring Festival in the past, for the winter of this year a lot of people to say, have the spring snow possibility also seems unlikely, in fact every area is not the same! 4, 2009, Urumqi ushered in the first snowfall, is expected to last nearly 40 hours, up to the snow. Take time for the snow cleaning work unit in Urumqi City, snow removal work command site supervise operations, to ensure that people of normal traffic. With the advent of snow on the evening of 4, Urumqi city road snow clearing personnel arrived at the designated place on the night of the day at 21 points, the formation of the machine, the work of an orderly arrangement of artificial.

reporter in Aletai elevated road saw a car plows, new grader, multifunctional snow rolling equipment such as the car turns on the road, expressway management center green cleaning station road team Tian word Road area director pay friends told reporters that this is the snow cleaning work "is clear, the basic requirements of snow stop road net" the road to see: "white began to work, do not stop do not stop the snow, must do the snow stop road net, swastika road loop area and the area outside the vehicle can now keep smooth, no surface icing phenomenon."

reporter in Aletai elevated road see snow here in the main difficulty triangle of the main road and ramp, according to the special section of snow cleaning work is also dedicated to adopt cycle operation, increase the frequency to avoid congestion, and enable the "lynx" small slip snow car stationed in the corresponding sections, auxiliary snow. Expressway management center green cleaning station Aletai road group leader Wang Xin introduced: "9 o’clock our vehicles assembled in place, mainly is the 19 large snow removing equipment, there are 7 lynx, lynx as a sweeping reserve ramp and the three corners area belongs to. We have been in place since 9 o’clock, has been cleaned, our staff are so many years have been in the dry, operational proficiency can be, cleaning the situation is not bad, the road is not yet a whiteboard."

5 at 6 pm, Urumqi Deputy Secretary of municipal CPPCC Party led by Wei Yi focus on the Tianshan District, Shuimogou District, Riverside Road, traffic, traffic, regional node snow difficult to inspect the snow. Tianshan District because of staff intensive, snow job is difficult, Liao Wenyu Tianshan District standing committee said that the working group formulated a snow plans three days to ensure the square surrounding, Guangming Road, Xinhua South Road, 36 roads smooth: "because the Tianshan District key point, line and plane, we a total of 13 units across the board, more than and 100 vehicles, nearly five thousand cleaning staff, at five this morning cleaners have been in place, from the beginning to now have mechanical snow did not stop. Primary and secondary roads to clear the day."

Urumqi beach road group deputy leader Zhang Guofu from 2 at night work has not started to rest, Zhang Guofu said: "we have this car 5 car, finishing clear while working on flood Road, some local cleaning is not in place to make road icing, is to compare carey, to recommend

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