2015 more difficult in the history of employment entrepreneurship is the way out

in the blink of an eye will be June, college students will leave the campus, into the community, began to work. This year, for college graduates, it is also the hardest job season. From the data point of view, in 2015 the country’s 7 million 490 thousand college graduates, will once again create more difficult in the history of employment".

in the whole society under the influence of entrepreneurship, 2015 university graduates entrepreneurship upsurge. With the further development of Internet plus and mobile Internet plus, plus the prime minister this year proposed public entrepreneurship, innovation of the call, from the government level to provide policy support and assistance, including the investment environment of prosperity and social overall positive attitude toward entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs especially college students entrepreneurs to provide a good the environment.

in such a "Internet plus" era, there are too many successful entrepreneurs inspired a generation of young college students. The reasons to choose entrepreneurship, Zhaopin survey shows that 27.4% is to realize their ideals, 20.8% said that entrepreneurship is their own interests, in addition, 19.3% of the graduates to choose entrepreneurship is to make money, one important reason is the freedom of choice of Entrepreneurial University graduates. Ideal, interest, wealth and freedom all highlight the strong self-consciousness of the new generation of College graduates. In addition, 5.4% of college students choose to start a business because they do not find the right job.

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