How do customers do business encounter strange

each customer’s personality is different, in the process of communicating with the owner will show different forms. In short, the saying goes, "one hundred people, all kinds." But no matter how strong the lock, there is always a key to open it. The same is true of people, you have to take a flexible approach to the ability to capture the hearts of customers, the successful sale of their products.

rigid customer

there’s no real water and fire in the world. Compared with the average person, even though the rigid people are less interested in hobbies, do not love to communicate with others, but there are always some people, some things can hold their hearts. When these customers, to spend some thought closely, pay attention to their every act and every move, from their words and deeds to find out what they are really interested in things, once they reach a topic of concern, the other will also show considerable enthusiasm. (Qian Tingting, Jiangxi, Ji’an)

be insolent and rude customers

reduce with time, clearly express their attitudes and opinions after gracey bow out. The language is concise and representative of the decisive and principled, will let the other side instinctively bound their shelf. Another point is that the side side beat, once the breakthrough, he was in front of you show the side of life character, he is very difficult to get to you be insolent and rude. (Wang Yanhong, Shandong, Penglai)

self serving customer

selfish people, although they only focus on their own gains and losses, but they can work for the sake of the interests of selfless. For them, a little petty often can touch each other’s heart, for example, to discount or send some gifts and so on, they used to win. (Jin Chaoran, Guangdong, Shenzhen)

proud as Lucifer customer

those who have a strong desire for self-expression, over and over again in front of people that they are better than others than others, or to seize the right, use unscrupulous divisive tactics. In the face of such a customer, you can show your professional Killing with Kindness, to deter him. When the other party is impressed by your intelligence, stop immediately and show yourself a low-key and humble side. To do so, often can make this kind of customer to you. (He Zhigang, Shanxi, Taiyuan)

a lot of customers do not character is lively and cheerful, and may not be willing to communicate with the owner, however, this is only a manifestation of personality. Moreover, the so-called rigid, arrogant, arrogant and aggressive are a kind of customer self instinct is to their own set on a layer for protecting their armor". No matter how the customer, as long as the spirit of credibility principle to contact, will be able to "eliminate" will be able to win the hearts of customers.

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