Clever promotions not only attract guests but also ease inventory

no matter how big the shop, the boss’s money is how strong, if there has been a very large inventory, which will undoubtedly be very detrimental to the operation of the store. Therefore, the shop to do business, especially in the department store, the number and variety of goods are usually more. Even if the owner be very careful in reckoning also inevitable part of the backlog of goods, the phenomenon of the season. The presence of the store, both accounting for space, but also may affect future sales. What should I do? In my experience, clever promotion is a good way to digest inventory.

My shop is located in the town of

near the bus station, mainly engaged in various types of non-staple food, tobacco and beverages, daily necessities, etc.. Of course, seasonal commodities are also essential, such as holiday gifts, fruits, cakes, etc..

this summer, I bought a beer. At that time in order to get a lower price, I chose the supplier to provide the package, the purchase amount is more, each box can be cheap 1.5~2 yuan. Who knows the people of migrant workers this year than in previous years, by the end of September there are dozens of boxes of beer was sold.

is the National Day holiday arrived, many people want to do wedding, birthday, housewarming party etc.. I seize the opportunity to put up a poster in front of the store: "National Day holiday, usually over 500 yuan in the shop customers, free × × a box of beer; those who buy in the shop with alcohol and other various banquet customers, except the cigarette and other goods enjoy a discount of 10 percent off."

if you can, almost every person will have a psychological petty 99, therefore, promotions to attract a lot of customers of a release. After a lot of detailed consultation, direct deposit advance. On the purchase of goods more customers, I also promised door-to-door, useless drinks, etc., as long as the package can not be returned. Less than ten days, not only the inventory of beer sold out, but also sold dozens of high-grade cigarettes and more than a dozen boxes of liquor, can be described as two birds with one stone!

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