Education is not how to open an optical shop

in the current environment of universal education, people’s education is more and more high, a lot of people do not want to do a lot of education do not know how to do. So, education is not high how to open an optical shop?

Although our country has implemented

nine years of compulsory education for many years, but there are still many young people only finished junior high not to continue reading, diploma and degree is not high, in this case, if we want to open a shop, can succeed? If education is not high, can become a qualified optometrist? If you want to be a qualified optometrist, what should you do?

some people choose to go to school to learn, such as optometry professional, semester 3 years. The professional knowledge is for optometry, the content including ophthalmology, optometry. Optometry is the knowledge of optometry. Junior high school students, past, high school graduates and equivalent.

The employment direction of

is: to all levels of optometry professional comprehensive hospital, hospital, medical college, glasses company, optometry equipment research department of ophthalmologists, optometrists and single bear optometry teaching and scientific research etc..

then in such circumstances, if we just open a shop, is a bit of time spent and put fine timber to petty use, too long, it is no good for entrepreneurs.

so if we are to start a business of glasses shop, you should choose a different learning model: glasses shop experiential training. So what is the glasses shop experiential training? The training has broken the traditional concept, the combination of technology and management training, all the students are in the business for many years, learning business good glasses store, experienced by the optometrists, opticians to guide training, follow along with learn, one on one teaching.

At the same time the

training has changed the traditional theory and practice of light weight of the error from the actual teaching mode, but the combination of theory and practice, the useful technique in practice, let students learn more handy; shop equipped with high-grade glasses shop should have all kinds of advanced optometry, glasses equipment and supplies, let the students do it yourself the operation of learning.

Although the

shop will be involved in all aspects of knowledge, but it is also a very strong professional career, so, if you want to succeed the first natural shop, also need to grasp to the relevant technology of optometry. So, if you do not have a high degree of education, but you are ready to open an optical shop, you will choose how to do it?

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