Building wealth as you can get great success in women

entrepreneurship is not a very easy thing, especially for a woman. But there are still numerous examples of successful women entrepreneurs, for people to learn from the successful experience. Like Zhang Wanling, told people that the success of their own wealth building materials, is a very good choice.

first venture: zoucunchuanhu camera

Zhang Wanling growth in Pingxiang City, a small village in eastern hunan. And the sale of sand, planting grass playing pig…… The poor family, the young Zhang Wanling what hard work are done. In 1980, Zhang Wanling graduated from high school to replace the mother to the rural supply and marketing cooperatives, when a salesperson. While she is ambitious, supply and marketing cooperatives collapsed, Zhang Wanling laid off. After being laid off, she did not rely on, came to Guangzhou to learn photography. Apprentice a year, without a penny wages, when leaving, the master sent a camera to Zhang Wanling. After returning home, Zhang Wanling every day carrying the camera to photograph zoucunchuanhu. The day is not bright, Zhang Wanling a girl, riding a bike to go out, a village to run a village. Go to the countryside to take pictures, no place to eat at noon, Zhang Wanling to the camera for the exchange, to the villagers to eat at home; sometimes, can not find a meal, they had to eat a meal. At that time, Pingxiang city did not have a light color photo gallery. Zhang Wanling finished the photo, to be sent to Guangzhou to wash. Every week, Zhang Wanling went to Guangzhou; in order to save money, has always been to buy a hard seat ticket; no seat, and then stand to go; in the evening, they put some newspapers, sleeping under the seat of others. After the photos came out, a village a village to the photos to the hands of customers. A year later, Zhang Wanling opened a studio in the village, Pingxiang city to become the first to take photo studio. Because the technology is good, the prestige is good, the photography hall business is prosperous.

is the way out. Zhang Wanling does not rely on, not afraid of hardship, the first step in the venture.

1995 years, Zhang Wanling opened a photo studio, while working with a partner to start the coal business. Because the partners are not in good faith, coal with inferior coal, manufacturers to the integrity of their money on the grounds, will buckle down, Zhang Wanling capital partners will be misappropriated, run. Zhang Wanling found he wanted to return to the capital, in the ship, but the other hand pushed her to the Xiangjiang River, almost died. Zhang Wanling was saved, can open the photo studio to earn money but not a point. Family advised Road, do not do the coal business, or an insurance camera. "Where you fall, you must stand up again." Unwilling to concede defeat Zhang Wanling alone to start the coal business. Fine coal in the mountains, a coal car every day at three or four in the morning up the hill. Zhang Wanling will take a year old recommendation

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