2016 China’s car seat ten brands list

in the increasing number of cars today, car seat products began to usher in the climax of the sales period, the brand is also increasing in the market. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the 2016 car seat ten brands list, not only to provide consumers with a reference, but also to provide investors with a better choice.

China automotive supplies consumption continued to increase, car seat car owners also become indispensable consumer goods, according to the seasonal models and choose a comfortable, vital practical car seat cushion to buy! The owner should pay attention to three aspects: comfort, protection leather seats, health. From a quantitative point of view, the car seat is divided into three sets, five sets, eight sets of three. Of course, the more the number, the more expensive the price. If the seat itself is velvet or cloth, the user can buy three sets of ordinary, economical and convenient! Now Xiaobian for the introduction of the domestic popularity of the ten car seat for reference.

2016 car seat ten brands list NO.1, BOEAN: Bo Yang Bo Yang Jushi Jushi Limited by Share Ltd was founded in July 2005, is a set of product design, production and processing, brand marketing in one of the professional production enterprises of automobile seat cushion.

2016 car seat ten brands list NO.2, mubao mubao: Mubo (Mubo) is a domestic fur and high-grade fabric as raw materials, mainly in the production of automotive interior products, Home Furnishing products, shoes, boutique four series of products based on more than a set of design and development, production and sales diversified enterprises.

2016 car seat ten brands list NO.3, CSL JUNDA: Shanghai jun-da auto decoration Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company of science, industry and trade in one of the world’s largest car seat cover, seat cushion, car decoration and beauty products.

2016 car seat ten brands list NO.4, NILE: the Nile Henan Nile Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a production and processing, industrial investment, scientific research and development as one of the modern enterprise, products related to automotive upholstery, shoes, leisure supplies, Home Furnishing boutique ornaments and other fields, and has successfully launched "the Nile" " " cinti national brands.

2016 car seat ten brands list NO.5, car icaroom:" car house house; " China is the leading brand of automotive interior products, set up 18 years, the cumulative sales of more than 20 million high-quality products in Beijing in 2015, three new board listed.

2016 car seat ten brands list NO.6, Zhu Mei: Zhu Mei group before.

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