Convenience stores how to break through in the competition

competition for the current number of entrepreneurs, it is not a thing to avoid. Moreover, due to the small area of rural convenience stores, intense competition, the business will undoubtedly be more difficult to carry out. With the development of economy, more and more young people go out to work to return home. Their shops to convenience stores, has become a lot of towns, rural areas, a beautiful landscape. How can we find a breakthrough in the "thousand shop side"? I visited the actual combination, introduced a few tricks.

said, a day. Retail customers Zhang convenience store opened in the small town, and other shops is different, he placed a large electronic. The pedestrians and nearby residents, even if not to buy things, sometimes weigh myself here. More people gathered outside the door, will naturally attract more customers, all kinds of goods sales also increased.

welcome to rub". Shop in a small shop near the shop, specifically set up in the store for the rest of the staff to work place, but also to provide free tea, television and WiFi. These migrant workers in the rub water, rub network at the same time, has become a small Zou store loyal customers.

skillfully use umbrellas. The boss of the convenience store opened in the market next to a lot of people coming and going every day. Because the purchase volume is relatively large, que boss got a lot of manufacturers umbrella. So he put a shelf at the door, put the umbrella on the top, free to customers. To borrow an umbrella of many people, shops also known as people’s word of mouth is more and more big, the boss can que tasted the sweetness of many.

wants to create more achievements in the competition, to achieve the real "breakthrough", you need to take certain "tricks", so that it can get more consumer recognition, so as to make the business of the shop is more popular. So, with the introduction of the above, if you happen to be a convenience store owner, you know how to break it?

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