Tech year end summary Luo Yonghao and Lei Jun admitted mistakes Feng Xin riding a roller coaster

in order to make himself like a mature entrepreneur, there should be a show in front of the public appearance, Luo Yonghao took some effort. In addition to his work, he often with the hammer’s public relations director, practicing some words. So, in the park geeks Innovation Conference, he was still saying constantly, but also didn’t call Tucao friends, just reflect the hammer the mistakes of the past, also said that in 2017, guaranteed not to redefine the spring.

Lei still behave fit his technical background, answer every question, frankly, for example, millet MIX is to play, how much money does not matter. Because 5 years ago, a "design" is a higher design was scolded him, but also specifically explained the misunderstanding of his.

Feng Xin who is still on the label and reading labels, while talking about these two points, he also said that VR is the biggest impact on his products. Although the first half of 2016, the VR bubble is very fierce, "seeing him up the tower, watching his tall buildings collapsed", but also very normal. But he believes that the direction of VR percent correct.

, Luo Yonghao, Lei Jun and Feng Xin at the new NewSeed editor:


Luo Yonghao: Hammer in the past seems useless place to put too much energy


is a mobile phone to sell, is a complex project. Do a business, is to put all of the short board are filled, not by a few long board can the thing. We do several generations of products, more or less there are some bruising.

2016, China’s average price of mobile phones rose more than and 230 dollars. In fact, after the upgrade of consumption, we want to buy something better rather than something cheaper, as we released in October 18th last year, the M series of mobile phones, a total of four price, it is best to sell the most expensive. In this sense, I think, take the fine line is correct, thousands of dollars below the product line we have to cut off.

the past is gone, the best is what we’re about to do. So, in the spring of 2017, (this year, we promise not to redefine the spring) our system will have some heavyweight upgrades. Realistically speaking, our software interaction and product design capabilities have been redundant. As we all know, an operating system, a software, a human machine interaction, constitute it is the use and non use of two dimensions, the use of the function is the basic needs, these two dimensions are equally important.

the mistake we’ve made over the past few years is that we’re putting too much energy into places that seem useless. However, in the past, we have invested about 50% of our energy in non practicality and practicality. Therefore, the future of our software and operating system upgrades, will be 80% of the energy used in the practical place, the energy of the 20% used to improve the perceptual knowledge and experience the so-called sophisticated things.

Lei Jun: millet to do >

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