Business can not do a one time business

no matter what kind of customer we deal with, can not just want to do a business, if it has been such a business philosophy, I am afraid there is no way to get the store to be more long-term operation. Often have a friend say: "just made a single business, ruthlessly earned a pen." That pride shows between the lines.

to tell you the truth, the shop is to make money, but for the quick kill customer knife, really make people beg to differ. As the saying goes, the gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way. The pragmatic integrity of the business, to a reasonable price to earn a reasonable profit, it is necessary, it is necessary. To hang Mongolia means to seek profits is not.

today is an era of information technology, product information transparency is very high, if you cheat customer with the psychological luck, the customer may soon know the truth, so he will feel resentment, he can’t come to your store to the consumer.

at this time, a lot of bosses will say: "do not forget, I earned his money anyway, and I do not send him a customer." In fact, you are wrong, you lose more than just a customer, it is likely to be a group. Ask which customers to eat a loss for the store point praise? He will put the hearts of grievances to vent out, to his friends and relatives said, this shop is not all, even pompous. And his relatives and friends, and some may be your customers, and some may be potential customers, and therefore may be the door of the shop before the traveler. If there are some disputes, the adverse impact on the shops will be greater.

The reason why

will have a lot of customers a one-time consumer behavior, often the owner in order to gain a deceptive behavior. In fact, kengmeng customer is not just a one-time consumption, and endless troubles. Seems to have access to the vested interests, but the loss of long-term wealth. Win the hearts of people, win the world. This is the University of political game. Used in business, it is to win the hearts of the people to win wealth. Sensible and reasonable legal business, business is on the right path, to customers door, linfe.

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