The cigarette retail store which stores the image

a store can attract customers, and the store’s image is directly linked to the store. Therefore, if you want to open a store to attract customers, you need to work hard in the store image, so that the store will be able to guarantee the business. So, what are the image of a good cigarette retail store?

smart door signage

and shopping malls and supermarkets are different, and the door signage ordinary cigarette retail stores are designed together. In order to achieve good results, attract consumers first, door signage in the use of color to warm and bright, eye-catching highlights, passers-by for recognition door signage is often the first start from the color and the transition to the content, the cigarette retail shops usually green, red color, and harmonious collocation of other colors, so passers-by memories.

second door signage content should be concise, prominent expression, and the font size to consider long distance communication effects, with visibility and good communication effect; finally, door signage material is durable, not easy to deteriorate, the effect of visual recognition and pay special attention to the different time and different climate in the environment.

clean window display

shop window is called the "eye", is also one of the highlights to attract customer attention. Although not every retail stores have a window display, but basically all convenience stores and cigarette and liquor vendor and importance, and some grocery stores have been aware of the window to y play its role, with the function of advertising on the one hand, on the other hand also plays the role of beautifying the store.

therefore, the window decoration design should work in appearance, merchandising skills, color collocation and other aspects, to design and store to form a whole, reasonable collocation, distinctive theme, outstanding style. At the same time, every day to keep the window health, as far as possible to be spotless, and even through the design of the light rendering product features. It should be noted that, although the window is still, but most of the customers in the walking or moving state, so the window design not only to consider the appropriate height and layout, but also to consider the visual effects from the far and near.

comfortable light environment


conditions of the cigarette retail stores tend to consider the design of store light environment, mainly refers to the use of color collocation and artificial light, which can not only render the store atmosphere, show the environment, can also illuminate at night shop and store environment, enhance the image of beauty shop facade. In the cigarette retail store, light environment mainly refers to the store door and window lighting lighting.

shop door bright eye-catching, in addition to the use of external irradiation can also through the lamp, neon lamp decoration do, in order to increase.

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