These four guidelines tell those who are about to enter the franchise

because research results show that in foreign store chain business model than single business model survival rate got much, so in China appeared a large number of entrepreneurs choose to enter entrepreneurs to join the army, then ushered in the climax of the Chinese venture capital chain. But is it really a franchise project will be profitable? What is the truth?

to be successful in the franchising business, first of all pay attention to the franchise four criteria, franchise chain business is not easy, do not think that a headquarters of investment on all OK, all still have to rely on their own very careful in reckoning will not lose out


if you are eager to join the business, but also heard that the franchise disputes, you should not hesitate to put, or think again? If you are interested in joining the chain enterprises, the following four principles to provide prospective franchisees for reference:

criteria 1: choose the right row.

as the saying goes: "men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang". Of course, the choice of industry is the primary problem in the chain industry.

although in recent years, almost every year to join the popular industry reshuffle, with high popularity after "have a fever, fever faster", often makes a late step of joining, like "the last mouse", had just opened boom decline risk, investment gold lose everything. Therefore, the choice of the first criterion to join the industry, that is, the selected industry must be subject to the test of the market. This is one of the most simple benchmark, that is, the development of enterprise chain management system has at least two years.

secondly, to choose the popular, high popularity of goods, so that it will not become a popular fashion bubble problem. Some headquarters in recruiting franchisees, unique products often emphasize, however a chain lost its brand unique and most important, it pointed out the key to brand chain operation.

addition, the universality of the business district is also very important. Like Taiwan 7-Eleven, Kodak photos etc. these stores, two separated number format, whether in business, office, residential or mixed zone can survive, the hand is easy to find the storefront, the headquarters, also can store more fast development.

two: picky

the more critical headquarters to join the better, for those who want to venture, it is a successful shortcut. According to Japan’s retail statistics, there are 80% independent shop first year up to fifth years to put up the shutters, only 8%; and stores the first year closing only 20%, 77% of the chain store can live up to fifth years, this survey proves that "join a >

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