Zhengzhou unified registration of real estate officially landing implementation

in Zhengzhou, real estate can be unified registration, do you know the latest news? So, what is the significance of the unified registration of real estate? Zhengzhou residents how to handle it? Let us look at the following.

5 11 am, the public Yang Shuyong real estate registration center in Zhengzhou city hall to receive the city’s first real property rights certificate, which marks the formal registration of real estate registration Zhengzhou implementation.

unified registration of real estate is an important basic and pre reform, is the central part of the decision on deepening the reform of a number of major issues, one of the important content.

for the convenience of the masses of unified registration of immovable property, Zhengzhou city in accordance with the "1+8" mode of the layout of the registration window, "1" is the Zhengzhou City real estate registration center, "8" refers to the five areas of the city and Zheng Dong New District Economic Development Zone, high-tech zones were set up 8 registered outlets, the outlets will cover the uniform layout the whole city. At the same time, counties (cities), the streets are set up real estate registration center.

, a reporter from the Zhengzhou City Land Resources Bureau, Zhengzhou City real estate registration agency will be in accordance with the national "constant does not change principle, namely the right changes, book card does not change, the parties in the process of change of registration, transfer of registration and registration in accordance with the law, gradually replaced by a new real estate register card. The original registration authority issued by the various types of real estate ownership certificate and the real estate registration book to continue to be effective, the parties need to replace the real estate registration authority certificate and registration certificate.

timely implementation of the unified registration of real estate, is conducive to the relevant departments to further understand and unified management of real estate under the name of each resident, but also conducive to safeguarding the legitimate interests of residents. And the Zhengzhou municipal government for the people, to further facilitate the masses to register, set up a number of registered shop. Do you have a unified registration of real estate?

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