Sell children’s clothing style favored mothers

is now generally in the family, the number of children are very few, and the family conditions are generally improved, which determines that adults are unlikely to be able to bear their children soil Baji, so other children will usher in the space for their own development.

A, in the open street, 25 square meters, almost no decoration of the children’s clothing store, has attracted a large number of cars OL and "ghosts" to patronize, to let people amazed. Rely on their own operating characteristics and good customer relations, Tan Minyi’s children’s clothing shop not only business is booming, but also for her to win a wide range of contacts.

"now only one BB, young mothers on their BB is very nervous, anxious to put beautiful clothes in their own BB, so it is particularly willing to spend money." Miss Tan pointed out the characteristics of the customer base, but also pointed out the prospects of the clothing business. In addition, some children’s photography studio, has become a Miss Tan customers, they will look for these styles of clothing to do photography costumes.

entrepreneurial inspiration: other children’s clothing is a gap in the market.

operating characteristics: sell rare other children.

is different from the general children’s clothing, children’s clothing store Tan Minyi are the other, such as bottle bag, ladybug type summer, bee children swimsuit, towel elephant slobber, other frog children shower cap etc..

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