What snacks to make money Woman two years string incense earned eight hundred thousand

at present, there are many industries with the demand of the times constantly appear, but also continuous innovation, can have a project never reached saturation, and will not be eliminated because of the development of the times, that is when it comes to the snack bar, snack, everybody enjoys, but said little to eat what we have the most money? So in the end what rendered speechless! Do the most profitable snacks? Editorial recommendation snack car! Mention "Leshan Malatang China", Chengdu city people I’m afraid no one don’t know it, because from Leshan named cattle cattle town, the Chinese go to Chengdu business, Chengdu people have returned from business. Liu Yan is one of these people.

to work after a month, Liu Yan in Xiaojiahe China Malatang store finally opened, a known weight, she spent 10 pounds lighter. In order to make the "cattle China flavor" is more authentic, do what snacks the most money, pan Liu Yan abandoned the size of Chengdu City, the traditional Hot pot?? aluminum pot, iron pot, and choose a better insulation effect such material pot casserole, cook the thick but not greasy, spicy and delicious. This is a small improvement, she has prevailed; in the dip, is out of the ordinary, in addition to the traditional sesame oil and garlic, she also with coriander, sesame, peanut, so out of good taste, will make people finish around the tongue, three days without a break of the sense collocation; and also, the color of red and Green said, let a big appetite. With "no one, first smell its fragrance" to describe here, is not exaggerated. Miss Liu earned bonuses, China Malatang proverbial good taste for a time spread across Chengdu to eat off the bike and the high streets and back lanes, cars were piled up. Liu Yan said that now most of the guests are repeat customers, do what the most profitable snacks, many people are familiar with her, affectionately called her swallow.

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