New recommendations to seize the opportunity

old products have already opened the market, visibility has been very high, almost do not need to do the work of the operator, the customer will still need to buy. However, after all, the old products have come out for a long time, the price is almost transparent, want to earn more profits is also very difficult. It is for this reason, many shops will think of new products to be recommended. However, the new recommendation is the need to grasp the opportunity.

first, the author thinks that retailers recommend new customers, should pay attention to choose the right time to do you recommend, naturally, be just perfect, let the customer feel is reasonable, then they will gladly accept. We must resolutely oppose the deliberate force, too much to introduce to the customer, which will cause the customer’s displeasure, and even resentment.

what is the right time to recommend new products? The author believes that the following situations are a good time:

is a brand that customers want to buy when they are out of stock. Retail customers in the face of the customer to buy cigarettes just out of stock out of stock, then do not simply use a "I’m sorry, the smoke out of the." It is a pity that the customers are easily dismissed. In fact, this time should be the best time to recommend new products to retail customers.

at the moment, the retailer might change a way to tell the customer, "Oh, sorry, you want to smoke is sold out. Or you buy a pack of XXX bar, which is just listed new products, taste good, the price is moderate." If retailers say that it is possible to impress customers, so that they have been disappointed to get a sense of novelty immediately, perhaps some people would like to try. Casual words, made a business. Therefore, the retail Household in order to recommend a good new product, sometimes not too casual, and can not be too straightforward, just a word can drive business.

two is when the customer does not limit the purchase of the brand. Some customers do not limit the purchase of certain brands of cigarettes, then this is a great opportunity to recommend new products to such customers. For example, some customers may consult the home office reception, retailers choose what grade, brand tobacco retailers should be expanded to appropriate, they recommend new products. To say that the benefits of new products, analysis of its grade characteristics, as well as the level of comparison with the local consumption, so that customers are happy to accept new products.

three is when the customer sees the new product. In addition to retailers in the face of some customers into the store, full of curiosity about the counter put new cigarette, some customers directly ask the new opportunity, this time apparently also introduced them to the new.

retailers to pass new smoke not to mind taking the trouble, the best to the customer initiative, ask them to enjoy free of charge, and then together they share feelings, especially with the tone words, to stimulate the temptation of customers, and guide customers to buy. >

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