Review 2015 the best time for O2O entrepreneurs

introduction: the senior investment manager Lin Cui written by latitude and longitude, latitude in the past five years, she has been very focused on the investment of O2O. And she herself is also a O2O heavy users, the basic meaning of this is to say: no she did not use the door products. Jingwei has a good layout in the O2O industry, including a bit faster, hungry, e wash bags, E-Drive and so on, not delicious. Lin Cui in the field of investment projects, including rental Manicure, help new oxygen, Blessed Mother, housekeeper, pony, tour known fruit spectrum. Lin Cui summed up some of her point of view, play and ideas, we want to be able to give the industry still fighting and have the idea to participate in the transformation of the industry entrepreneurs, some incentives. Even just a click into place effect, then there is the value of these words.

2015, O2O has gone through a rollercoaster ride.

three years ago, the last of the capital of the winter, some of the relatively high frequency of standardized services O2O, such as drops fast, hungry, and so secretly got the A round. You see, there are still some sensitive VC (including US) in the layout of the O2O, the user entry type of O2O project in that period has been caught in the hands of these VC.

opened in 2014 O2O hot, all investors began crazy layout, do not look at the O2O VC are embarrassed to say that they are investing in early projects. Now the situation of entrepreneurs and the media, a sudden turn for the worse, it began to badmouth O2O, it seems that all O2O moment has become a "Ponzi scheme", " VC " fool harvester;. This time, the question is coming:

O2O why fire? Why is it bad?

O2O why fire? First, the trading platform is VC heart big love, because the money from the nearest. O2O is a trading platform, and the difference between the electronic business platform is just a service for the transaction. One is for physical transactions.


said that China’s urban residents to change the pattern of consumption brought about by systemic opportunities: from 2014 onwards, the basic driving force for the growth of consumption growth, from commodity consumption to service consumption driven. China’s household consumption is upgrading from the survival to the development of consumption, upgrading from the material to service consumption, and this trend is accelerating. (here are two data sheets, which are very useful)



China is a big manufacturing country, but the service industry is far below the world average, so there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

in the VC view, on behalf of growth opportunities, so O2O has greater potential to produce the unicorn a greater chance, we must bet on O2O.

O2O why is it so bad? Why are they so bad?

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