Tsinghua University entrepreneurship class successfully completed

in many cities, will open a number of business exchanges, or a variety of entrepreneurial class, which is no experience for entrepreneurs is a good learning opportunity. Recently, a number of Tsinghua Science Park, Tsinghua University School of economics and management of the teachers, investors and participate in the students more than 60 people gathered in the Tsinghua Science Park Sunshine Hall, to participate in the "business – Tsinghua University 2015" founding a new enterprise "courses, seminars".

"began to prepare for business, we a loss, because I have already been used before learning, research road. Now we find that the cross is in front of a river, a river never wade." Tsinghua University doctoral student Zhao Hongyu recalled, "thanks" to start a new business, "x lab courses and the platform, they are like mother, pull us in the first step, we should pay attention to what, tell what to avoid."

Since the

"course opened 5, 91 teams in more than half of the course of the establishment of the company, through the course of direct or indirect investment team of more than 20, the total amount of financing more than 80 million yuan." Tsinghua Science Park Development Center Director, Mei Meng, chairman of Cmi Holdings Ltd.

"founding a new enterprise" is a study of Tsinghua Science Park and the Tsinghua University college students elective joint creation. Unlike any other course in the school, the course has a "threshold". The team needs to submit a report on the business plan, after the initial screening of the teachers, some of the team will be interviewed, the interview is qualified after the success of the course. A team that has established a company or an existing product will have the priority.

"and called the class, in fact it is more like a commercial elite training camp." Zhao Hongyu told reporters, "from the declaration of course during the interview, the maturity of the final part of the respondent, we are in the face of the real investors like to put" the commercial value of the project where "and" not be landed, executable "these problems clearly."

"originally we project only a biodegradable plastics research project, did not expect the reply when the teacher suggested that we realize the sale of goods." Zhao Hongyu recalls, when it felt that entrepreneurship is still very far away, and after repeated exchanges of teachers to realize that we have the conditions. So we launched the site in full swing and found that the original can be sold. In April this year, the company has sales. The whole process, the teacher to help us sort out the channels, to give a lot of recommendations

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