Low cost small projects

everyone to do business is to do a great deal of childhood, entrepreneurship is a matter of course. At the beginning of the business will always be a little afraid of losing money how to do? Here is a brief introduction on several only 5-10 million yuan investment gold good investment projects, so you ready to start niudao.

1, open a magic props store

: 800-1000 yuan / month monthly salary: 1000 yuan / month other expenses: 300 yuan / month. For example: selling magic poker magic props magic poker poker and changeable cost: 2.2 yuan / pair of price of 10 yuan / pair. According to the current average daily sales of at least 10 income is 100 yuan.

general performance analysis

more than a single product sales analysis. Coupled with other products such as: magic bottle, fantasy screen, a thousand eyes, flying matches and other products, the average daily turnover of each store can basically hit more than 200 yuan. These products are about 70% gross margin. So a month can be profitable for 200*30= (6000 yuan – staff salaries ($1000) – monthly rent (1000) – other expenses () (

) *70%=2590 yuan

the above example is one of the most basic magic props store, in fact, a shop, a month’s profits are basically more than 3000.

if the store lot good, large flow, at least one month can earn more than 6000. If you have a turnover of 500 yuan per day, then (you only need to sell about magic props every day about 20), the monthly income of 10000 yuan is a very easy thing.

2, sixty thousand yuan to open a zero child education center

prospect analysis

for children’s education investment is more and more big, the time is also more and more early, parents often say, don’t let the children lose at the starting line. The 0 year old appeared on the market education is to meet the needs of parents starting at the age of 0. At present, the industry in the country still belongs to a new industry. Only part of the city to open a few educational centers, but also because of the new industry, people do not know enough about it, and its development potential is huge, broad investment prospects. Mode of operation: independent operation or to take the form of chain stores. Rent 5 to 10 classrooms (or more, depending on the situation) and the 2 caregivers, as well as the 1 cleaners. Monthly salary of 1000 yuan, respectively, $800, $500.

3, seventy-five thousand yuan to open a fashion cheongsam shop


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