Huangshi how to accelerate the reform of state owned assets

in the process of economic development, as long as the right direction, we can always achieve remarkable results. But everything has two sides, in the economic development, there are many problems we need to solve in a timely manner. Below we specifically understand, Hubei, Huangshi, how to accelerate the reform of state-owned assets?

recently, in the helm of listed enterprises in Hubei Mailyard solution straight Kun (600107, shares) settled. The evening of May 27th, Mailyard announced that spinning silk road (Tianjin) textile limited company of science and technology become Mailyard’s controlling shareholder, actual controller of the silk spinning solution straight Kun has become the actual controller of listed companies. After the replacement of the actual control of the private sector to participate in the transformation of state-owned mixed samples, the pace of reform of state-owned assets in Huangshi speed.

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announced that the company in accordance with the provisions of Hubei Construction Bank issued by the organization of property right transactions equity transfer information, publicly listed Mailyard group held 79.94% equity interest transfer. Silk textile (Tianjin) Textile Technology Co. Ltd. through the network bidding, was identified as the transferee of the equity transfer project. The spinning silk road through competing Meierya group 79.94% stake in the company, holding Mailyard Mailyard group obtained 20.39% of the shares, control solution straight Kun has become the actual controller of listed companies.

data show that the solution straight Kun was founded in 1995 in the group, currently covers trust, Mammon Inc, mergers and acquisitions fund, new finance, new energy and mining sector, the total asset management of more than 1 trillion yuan. Mammon Inc have sector’s wealth, wealth, Datang new Hengtian wealth and high Sheng fortune four Fortune Management Inc. Recently, in the group with Ganfeng lithium (002460, shares) joint venture ankura power, layout of the lithium battery industry, preliminary build the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles.

5 the afternoon of Sept. 20, investors in the online collective reception day, Mailyard secretaries Wang Li said in answer to questions from investors, the company on the cable product promotion and marketing plan.

from the collective equity transfer listed to use "Internet plus" and a series of actions, and Huangshi is implementing the "revitalization of Huangshi Mailyard manufacturing action plan" on the road to accelerate the dash.

Huangshi municipal government issued "to speed up the revitalization of Huangshi manufacturing industry restructuring and development plan of action", "support Meierya leading enterprises such as upgrading and development. To accelerate the use of "Internet plus", strive to enhance the market competitiveness of textile and garment industry."

believes that the textile and garment industry is still in the depth of structural adjustment and optimization process, the future possibility of implementing the main industry in transition Meierya double main industry greatly, has become a potential recommendation

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