How to attract consumers to open a mother shop

In recent years the development of

baby industry is very fast, has a very big demand, it is worthy of people’s choice of business sectors, now most families have only one child, the child in the home position is particularly important, has apparently become the center of the family, the development of the market the mother industry began to become rapidly up, open a shop mother became rich first choice, many entrepreneurs are indeed, prospects for the development of maternal stores is very good, then open the maternal stores how to attract consumers?

with the increase of people’s demand, market competition has become a great mother store, only to do promotional activities, to outshine others in the industry, the following Xiaobian to introduce several maternal stores for all promotion suggestions.

1, the lottery lottery scratch / / this form is generally used to store mother shopping over a certain amount of free lottery or lottery or scratch, usually by the merchant to set up 4 or 5 grade awards, can draw the scene or draw together at a time centralized way. The key to the success of the event is the first prize or the first prize set to be attractive. The advantage of doing so is to increase the customer’s shopping pleasure, to meet the customer’s "broad" desire.

2, buy a send a "buy one get one" is a more commonly used maternal and child shop merchandise promotion, that is, the purchase of a commodity free of charge to send a piece of the same goods or buy a commodity to give another (or a few) goods. This product is usually in need of new products or commodities, note that the choice of gift products must be attractive, giving the best products and main sale of goods associated with complementary or popular products.

3, quantity is preferential "quantity is preferential" essence is "price changes with quantity", this is a kind of commonly used commodity price promotion, aim to stimulate the sale of commodity single product, the price decreases gradually with the increase of purchase quantity. For example, buy a commodity 1 yuan, 1.5 yuan, 2 yuan, 2 yuan, 3 pieces of 1. The advantages of price promotion, can stimulate the customers to buy the same product, so that the greater the degree of effect is more obvious, but the complex operation, prone to vulnerabilities, no computer automatically set the required manual operation, there should be good supervision.

4, plus one yuan more than 1 yuan and more than one refers to the purchase of the designated maternal and child shop goods plus more than $1 to send a single commodity or send a different commodity. The advantage is to stimulate customers to buy products. Add more than 1 yuan, plus $1 to send things to the customer to be attractive, so product selection is very important. For example, to buy a genuine plus 1 yuan can be free gifts.

short, to increase the customer shopping experience, will not meet the customer’s attention and sense of self-worth, won the customer’s satisfaction, not passive to solve customer problems, to customer needs, expectations and attitudes are full of the recommendation

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