What are the business model of children’s wear

children’s consumption in the market occupies a large proportion, so many people are also very optimistic about the industry. So, for the children’s clothing stores, we as managers, and what business model, let us not lose? Together with Xiaobian today to see what the business model, so that we can not lose, which is very important for all of us.

inventory has been plagued apparel industry, in a large number of capital occupied agencies and brands at the same time, and the impact of the new season of the purchase and sale of goods. In order to allow agents to light, the rapid expansion of the terminal channels, some children’s shoes enterprises began to test the water "zero inventory" franchise mode. Zero inventory mode is mainly based on the influence of the brand and competitive advantage of the price on the basis of the regional protection, for some regional dealers to hedge the product exchange.

"implementation of the" zero inventory "franchise model, for the franchisee, can reduce the barriers to entry, and the franchisee no pressure on the stock, will put more effort in the promotion of store operations, products, but also conducive to the growth of the sales performance." Insiders said that this franchise model to a certain extent the children’s shoes field of intense competition, in order to compete for the rapid expansion of the market, product agents.

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