Hundreds of dollars to make the cost of more than and 100 stores

maybe you will feel that society is unfair to you, you are under continuous efforts, but did not get any return, in fact, this society is fair, the key lies in whether you will be able to hold on to your business talent. Rather than relying on the cost of a few hundred dollars borrowed, made more than and 100 stores, and let us take a look at his story.

have partners of the business, are generally not without this business. Even if it is difficult, we have to scrape together the start-up funds. But a person would not have so much trouble, so you can do without the business, are generally individuals. The new hospital is Shanxi Ning founder of the famous Yuncheng Taipan Shabu chain stores. He is on the "hardship" two words together with his wife and baby, no business, only fruit.

1992, who lives in Shanxi, Yuncheng long Ju Zhen Ning new school built a new house, but the house on his back a few million debt. In order to pay his debts, he decided to go to town to do business. In Yuncheng unaccompanied, he traveled with two arms high streets and back lanes son’s wife, and his wife decided to the night market to sell pasta. Cash strapped Ning new hospital by a few hundred dollars borrowed from the folks there home money, bought a cooker, dishes, flour and meat dishes, started liantan.

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