PGC video platform capital change out of favour Winter entrepreneurs in the content go from here

picture from the "grass root"


Author: Li Jingyu editor: Li Yu

"never thought", "grass root" men video to the success of PGC no two beautiful moment. However, the tide receded, who was still wearing shorts came.

began late last year to the beginning of this year, PGC industry has experienced a tuyere, have access to financing.

in January this year, the entertainment capital issued to students to make a judgment on the content of the white paper, PGC, "PGC station Dafengkou", which refers to "love gossip grow Association" behind the company to complete the financing to 100 million yuan valuation, "Luo Ji Thinking" B round of financing valuation has reached 1 billion 320 million; the vertical field of PGC, such as "understand the school" (gender, maternal and child), "military plane time" (military), "Eclipse" (delicacy) in the 2015 annual financing has been obtained.

"military sub plane"

The early pattern of

industry, the head of content to highlight, fight the enemy separately verticals and pan entertainment, looks like the form of a good, but I did not expect that, after the half, the first half of this year in the form of a capital, Dad changed with the new network economy, turns red live host, network drama, wind wind fire, PGC fell into the abandoned former "".

The opening of the

in the past, the difficult transition, but can not go back, PGC entrepreneurs anxiety strikes, water network drama, network and network entertainment, have declined to be named, said that although the practitioners do not know what their own anxiety, but anxiety for several years". In Shanghai, the founder of the field of canned ginger old knife said, a lot of dead is also very normal, the industry had to refresh, eliminate speculation".

more PGC entrepreneurs said, see everyone anxious I will rest assured".

PGC how is split in the flow, is blaze a new path to the plight of abandoned platform


traffic drop platform no longer attach importance to

Wang Cheng is a practitioner of the PGC industry, although Wang Cheng in the industry for only two years, but witnessed the PGC from a good day to a bitter process. "Now PGC into the Red Sea, now fighting so hard." Wang Chengcheng: now there are about more than 5 thousand companies in the market to do PGC, but really live well but not much."

according to Wang Cheng’s observation, before the platform to the big PGC of the generous recommended benefits in this year has begun to cut, or even completely disappear.

runaway comic

According to Wang Cheng

, in support of PGC last year the major platform, video platform for these PGC recommendation are very easy to, "before a program may also appear in the two page recommendation, pushing the channel, again and again, now basically no time >

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