What are you going to do to invest in a fast food restaurant

food and beverage market now, the number of fast food business is the most popular, then, the opening of a fast food restaurant to prepare what to do? What can be done to make the fast-food business more stable and smooth? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

source: open a fast food restaurant customers are: general consumers to Weihai Road Pedestrian Street shopping entertainment business, accounting for about 50%; near schools, shop staff, community residents, accounting for about 50%. Sufficient number of tourists, low consumption levels.

vigorously carry out convenient snacks, breakfast variety, the price is cheap, should be prepared to open a fast food restaurant launched Chinese breakfast package.

ready to develop new products, in order to adapt to the changing demands of the market opened a snack shop, such as the establishment of the annual goal is "home delivery" service.

for the above plan, we will open cooperation fast food shop, do their job. Fast food restaurants will be in the health, service, price, nutrition, and other aspects of the co – husband, to get more customers.

personnel plan to open a fast food restaurant

1. the opening of the store, the initial plan to recruit a number of full-time fast food restaurants should be prepared to employees (including how many cooks), more than

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