Hefei small and micro enterprises add heavy support policy

now everywhere in the development of Small and micro businesses, and have also launched a lot of help small and micro enterprise development measures, recently in the Hefei area in order to encourage and support social development of some Small and micro businesses, has added a number of policy.

in Hefei entrepreneurial innovation, will be able to enjoy a more tolerant environment and real money welfare policy. Recently, in an interview, Jianghuai Jianghuai morning news network reporter interview, director of Hefei Municipal Commission by letter Li Haiying said, Hefei has just successfully declared "national Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base city", will directly bring 900 million yuan of financial support.

the first half of the regulation of industrial added value over 110 billion yuan

"in the service business, we are in accordance with the municipal government requirements, seize ten key industries." Li Haiying said, Hefei City, ten key industries share of the total industrial output value accounted for more than 80%, including manufacturing, intelligent voice, public security and new energy vehicles, housing industry, electronic information, heavy vehicles and equipment, photovoltaic, biological, energy saving and environmental protection, agricultural and sideline products processing (agriculture).

"speech in the industry, it is the entrance of future intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products"." Li Haiying said, from the iFLYTEK Science Laboratory "walk out" won the national ministries, provincial and municipal level three "1:1:3" of gold and silver, support voice industry in Hefei, air plant growth. As a government functional departments, we need to seize the direction of industrial development, and then better for the industry, business services."

for Small and micro businesses, there is a real money for welfare.

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