90 or 80 or start late

survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest in natural selection, this sentence is Darwin "evolution" which appeared in the

, what does that mean?

means that everything is the strongest in the last, the survival of the fittest, is the law of natural development, can not stop.

recently added to my VIP after 90 more and more, came in yesterday after a 16 year old 90.

16 years of age should be 98 years of it!

what is the concept of 16 years old, I was a full 12 years older than them. What is the concept of 12 years old when I was in junior high school, they were just born. And this year, 00 years after the age of!

had to admit that time is the biggest capital. They now have access to the Internet, or through the Internet to earn a pot of gold of life. Encountered several TB off, a month can also be seven thousand or eight thousand of the entire.

think I feel cold in the back, really houshengkewei. I like them so much, even the mouse long what kind of do not know it! I envy them living in such a good era, the rapid development of the Internet industry, the economy into the wings to soar. After 90, it is easy to sit on the wings of angel.

is very pleased that he did not have a generation gap with 90, the group of three years old, a small partner of the 16, we talked about no pressure. Because I belong to 80 people, after 90 face, 00 after the heart. I also like to play with a 90 it, the amount of a particular note, my wife is 90, but she just graduated this year. The two of us have no generation gap!

for the 90’s rise, 90 advantages, we have to face, this is the law of nature, bring forth the new through the old Yangtze River, is unstoppable. They are no longer a little kid, they have grown up. Now is not the 16 year old has been defined as an adult? Yu Jiawen, Ma Jiajia can be regarded as successful entrepreneurs after 90! And newspapers have no 80 overwhelming figure, instead of the 90


however, 80 shoes are not improperly belittle oneself is still the world, now 80 played a mainstay role. After 80 generations should embrace and accept the new generation, trying to integrate into the 90’s circle.

I personally think the success of entrepreneurship, in fact, have little to do with age. But it has a lot to do with people. Once in the "China’s Got Talent" on the stage, a steamed stuffed bun brother, is white haired, tie a ponytail, sing a song "again" of the Liu Huan.

he used to be a multimillionaire. He broke up overnight. To this end, overnight anxious white hair. Later, again, from the beginning of selling steamed buns, because of his childhood dream is when a bun king, now through his efforts, and set up. He should had a 50 year old


and Ma is 35 years old founded Alibaba, Liu Chuan >

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