How much money is invested in the construction of educational informatization in Yibin

lives in an era of the Internet, from the Internet, it seems that our lives will become a mess. For the construction of information technology, is a very important project. So, the Yibin education information construction investment is how much? Let us look at the following.

as of April, the Yibin Municipal Education Informatization Construction of a total investment of 587 million yuan, completed the "broadband network school -" 520 schools, accounting for 31% of the total, 5847 multimedia classrooms, accounting for 30% of the total municipal education network 1, county (District) education network 6; 1202 schools have access to the Internet and 68.7% of the total; 67% of the city’s primary and secondary school teachers, 53% junior high school students and 6% of pupils have learning network real name system in the provincial education resources of public service platform.

investment in the construction of educational information, is conducive to the continuous improvement of the different campus network problems, can be in line with the times, to further promote the development of education.

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