Want to make money to develop these financial habits

good financial habits, not only can make money in the hands of a better planning for their own savings more money, but also increase our revenue. Money is not a blind investment, there is no financial planning will only make the hands of less and less capital. The formation of good financial habits can improve the probability of success of financial management, then good financial habits are what?

1, savings and investment efficient parallel

View: no savings, absolutely can not become rich; the savings is not a virtue, but a means to work hard to make money; not for consumption but to keep savings, investment; investment is; time is money; savings and investment should be as early as possible; and lamented the poor, than to get rich.

2, debt is also an asset

There are two kinds of people in the world:

3, save cost

One of the

4, rely on common sense fry stock

for the constant changes, this is the "common sense can earn a lot of money". Point of view: "the power of common sense" to lead the successful investment; stocks and real estate have the same purpose; will be scattered investment and centralized investment organically combined; blue chip stocks to hold for a long time.

5, not the survival of the fittest, but the strong survive

6, a book with

Cenozoic plute are reading. Don’t make excuses to say you don’t have time to read.

7, the accumulation of contacts

8, words and deeds to the rich in line

if necessary, do not save money, but even so, it should be a reasonable consumption. Point of view: not because of vanity, but because of the need; the money when it is not stingy; the pursuit of rational consumption; thrift and stingy.

9, continuous learning

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