Tea shop equipment to how much money you know

today and start his own business is not what new things, a lot of people do not have strong capital will choose more promising small business, now the investment, rental and store store decoration is a large part of the cost of investment, in addition, store equipment is a big expense, so a lot of people ready to open a tea shop, want to know how much tea shop equipment


with the equipment. This is also the product menu to purchase. High quality tea shop equipment can make more quality products, but also to improve the speed and efficiency. I am now the store will also be able to make more and better products because of equipment reasons. Met a lot of people ask how much money to open a tea shop equipment


I said ten thousand to one hundred thousand, the other said: you do not understand. I can only say that I do not understand. Tea shop equipment and the store to pick up the power to get on the water, especially the store small walking block, to consider another kitchen equipped with coordination. Equipment should be equipped with the basic synchronization and store decoration.

when the decoration to 7788, you can enter the raw materials (then the equipment should be in place). Raw materials are all in place when the decoration is completed, then the recruitment is basically in place, you can carry out tea shop equipment debugging and operational training. Operations and technology are two different things. The general operation is a fool type, that is, has become a semi-finished product match.

if you want to open the beverage shop, certainly cannot do without equipment, equipment is a beverage shop where the soul, about how much money today has helped us budget, semi finished products and technology is the work of pre orchestrated. Technology is dominated by the boss or the boss’s cronies. If it is joined to do this step. I remember a milk tea brand in Taiwan, Canada, the union said the time of the consultation clearly specify the boss must bring a confidant or husband and wife together is the truth.

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