Small and micro enterprises can get policy support in Taiyuan

small and micro enterprise development has been more difficult, the strength of the hardware and software with a large gap between large and medium enterprises, it is difficult to resist entrepreneurial risk. Recently, Taiyuan was selected the first batch of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation base demonstration city (District) list, Taiyuan has proved to be able to attract small and micro entrepreneurs stationed in the excellent investment options.

the newly issued "to promote business innovation and promote the healthy development of the views of Small and micro businesses", from the space to support entrepreneurship development and to help support Small and micro businesses financial support, public service platform construction, etc.. Such as: start the construction of "double" demonstration service center, make full use of idle factories, buildings, land renovation and construction of a number of public record space, business base, small business incubator, business gathering area and micro enterprise incubator, solve the housing shortage and the places of business problems; innovative financing methods, the use of finance the lever and the government to increase trust, leveraging the bank about 10 times of the credit, helping Small and micro businesses financing.

except gold and silver, and a number of services for. Such as: relating to industry and commerce, quality supervision, land, planning, public security and other administrative approval Small and micro businesses registered according to the law in accordance with regulations in the county (city, district) and Development Zone, municipal departments will no longer approve this year; the new registered Small and micro businesses – list of recommended

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