[marketing] off season business how to do

for the majority of entrepreneurs, it seems that no matter what the industry, what business, will face the off-season". In fact, in small series, only the idea of off-season, there is no off-season market.

is no business, the goods do not dare to, no more into the business is not on the goods, the goods is not the cycle of vicious spiral out of business until the final closure of the.

cost control cycle

The whole network

cycle of personnel

The whole network:

circle mentality

is no business, the boss’s temper is not good, the more the more easy to get angry with. The more the boss, the less active the staff. The more stagnant the store. No more business, more employees more lazy, unwilling to move. The more prone to opportunistic, play smart. The more employees, the more natural customers do not want to come in. This is a vicious circle into the mentality of the vicious circle.

The whole network

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