Suitable for women to open shop

different gender, suitable for business opportunities will naturally be different. No matter what kind of entrepreneurs, if you want to make their own business to get a better development, it should be natural to find their own shops. So, for women to open the shop? Let me see small series of.

suitable for women to open the shop? Flower fruit shop

last year, began to pop a wild flowers for food craze in the United States, Japan and other regions, one of the most popular one kind by the flowers, honey and special materials, production of food — now sell flowers flowers fruit crystal.

investment conditions: the project investment, low risk. The total investment of about 7500 yuan, including the flower fruit crystal equipment, a value of about $5000; 20 square meters of a store, the monthly rent of $600; staff wages in about 900 yuan; the remaining part of the raw material investment.

suitable for women to open the shop? Fragrant plant bonsai shop

currently is an enticing vanilla bonsai industry in the flower market is still a bargain. With the increasing of people’s health consciousness, vanilla bonsai market will become increasingly large, the natural pollution-free green fragrance products, to meet the people’s psychological recover the original simplicity. Vanilla bonsai can be divided into three categories: the first category: Chinese herbs, smelling perfume, fragrant grass and second kinds of aroma bluegrass; Qi: seven thyme, lavender, chamomile and other third kinds of sterilization; anthelmintic: mosquito net vanilla, Melissa, etc.

suitable for women to open the shop? Gardening shop

Bay Garden shop, seemingly simple, investment money can be opened, in fact, it is not easy to operate. Li Jie said that the Milky way is north of this area, he worked for five or six years, they saw the home of the arts store closed down more than and 10. Why so many horticultural shops have closed down, while Li Jie’s shop is more and more big flowers, Li Jie said, like people, have to eat and drink, therefore, excellent professional technology and good customer service service, become the key to attract tourists.

has the expertise, to know how to care me, will affect all kinds of disasters can be reduced to a minimum, but also to the customer credibility, dare to buy your stuff back. For example, the weather is cold, knowledgeable people know to give me warm work to do, but non professionals may not know, so it is easy to cause the plants to freeze to death. Therefore, people who do not engage in gardening will lose money.

suitable for women to open the shop? Commodity agent

of course, here is not what brand agent, after all, not the cost. Recommended

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