Entrepreneurship is not so difficult four small but very successful projects


all the time we’ve heard voices are "big", but how many people will pay attention to the little things in life. Hand travel photographer, pencil sharpener, cleaning dog poop, these are not worth mentioning in the ordinary people in the eyes of a small but in some people’s hands into business opportunities. When everyone is focused on blockbuster, as you start from the opposite direction, pay attention to life in all the minor details.

for an entrepreneur, if you want to succeed, first of all, they have to be full of passion. Without passion, the majority of entrepreneurs can not continue to pursue their own ideas, there is no energy to work toward their goals.

when we talk about success, we’re not talking about the world. The most important thing for an entrepreneur is to figure out what success means to you. But often people tell us we’re going to get bigger. This idea is even deeply rooted in our everyday language: "play big or go home."."

but that’s not to say you can’t go after a little excitement. Real entrepreneurs know how to use existing resources to make a profit. In addition we have no reason to laugh at any idea, because many in the beginning seems absurd idea eventually became a success a way of earning money.

in order to let each person’s creative thoughts surging, while encouraging your heart. We planned the following examples of small, successful projects to learn from.

manual pencil sharpener

David · Rees, a man who has found the way to success. For $40, you can send your blunt pencil to Rees, and he will be able to use a tool to sharpen the pencil and return everything to you.

Rees must have known what he thought was ridiculous. On his website, he answered the question that was mentioned the most: "is this a joke?". Because it’s not just that he has a high demand for his job (usually he will spend six to eight weeks to complete an order), and he also has a book that takes a documentary about the National Geographic.

but why he could be so good may be due to his high enthusiasm for the craft. When you look at his little clip about a pencil sharpener, you can see that he is not trying to get us out of it, but to take it seriously and have a passion for it.

junk sculpture


when a colleague and his argument about the importance of packaging design, Justin Gignac with practical action to prove their point of view of the error. He picked up a garbage that everyone would not like to have and packaged it into something that everyone would buy. < >

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