Detailed analysis of the investment cost and income of breakfast shop

according to your habits to see if you are not the same: what can not eat rice, but not breakfast. What can be done, but breakfast is not necessary. Yes, this is the case, breakfast is not to eat, but do not have to personally. This implies a huge opportunity for breakfast in the catering industry, a lot of people want to join the breakfast shop, but there are many of the specific situation is not very clear, especially the investment and income, the following small series to introduce in detail the investment budget and benefit analysis to open a breakfast shop.

how much does it cost to open a breakfast shop? Investment budget:

1, the operating room equipment investment of approximately 20 thousand yuan;

2, buy room service car 5, amount to 25000 yuan;

3, inter Office Annual Rent of 19200 yuan;

4, operating room decoration 10000 yuan;

5, advertising costs about 10000 yuan;

6, apply for business licenses, health permits and other documents of approximately 3000 yuan;

7, two telephone 2160 yuan;

8, other classes with 1000 yuan;

9, turnover of 20000 yuan, a total investment of $110360;

how much does it cost to open a breakfast? Revenue analysis:

1, the store has just started operations, business volume is not large, according to the minimum number of meals, 1000 copies a day, the standard breakfast for each $2, the total income of 2000 yuan per day, that is, $60 thousand per month;

2, the store needs to recruit staff, pastry chefs, nutrition experts, business managers, buyers, miscellaneous workers and other personnel. The estimated monthly wage is 15000 yuan, 1600 yuan monthly rent, telephone charges 600 yuan per month, and about 1200 yuan, dining car, fuel costs and total cost of 2000 yuan, the purchase of raw materials 20000 yuan, unforeseen costs 1600 yuan, 3000 yuan of tax, the total monthly cost of 45000 yuan;

3, store monthly net profit of 60000-45000 yuan =15000 yuan, a year that is 15000× 12 months =18 million; less than a year can receive investment.

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