Location of a successful convenience store

improve living standards, convenience stores can be seen everywhere, want to open a business booming convenience store to make money, the site must be under the foot. Shop selection skills must be mastered, in order to ensure good business days after the.

values determined

by district investigation, convenience stores can estimate the location of possible households and consumption levels, floating population turnover, trading range; through the on-site assessment, shop convenient location, the route and traffic, vehicle route and flow, proximity, visual effects, the judgment of the is suitable for the shop, so that it will not be because of blindly hastily set up shop, The loss outweighs the gain.

The significance and importance of

District of category

The change of

values, and always affects the performance of development, so in the shop, the business setting is very important.

values set classification

values set can be divided into two types.

2. quotient to regional size classification

the size of the area to be classified, it has the following several types.

(1) near the center type. The set of its business difficulties in the radius of about 200 – about 500 meters, that is, foot shopping district, the distribution of this type of business in the region where the population is more concentrated or commercial concentration.


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