Jiangmen Xing City lies in talent

in the current world, to promote economic development, can not be separated from the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. The most important thing is the innovation and entrepreneurship work in the cultivation of talents, which is reflected in one or even have been an important element of comprehensive competitiveness.

Singshih to focus on talent. The embodiment of a city’s comprehensive competitiveness, in the final analysis lies in the competitiveness of talent.

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out:

Innovation in Jiangmen city in 2015 attracting talent from overseas venture held

10 23 days of the seminar, sounded again starting in Jiangmen. ". Jiangmen how to implement the strategy of innovation driven development, realize the rise of Zhu Xi? How to promote the construction of small and micro enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation base demonstration city "Shenzhen Jiangmen double deepening cooperation"? How to create the three door, the construction of the "three hearts" in the competition in the region to carry? These are the city leaders racking their brains to think about the problem, but also the common aspiration of the about 4000000 overseas Chinese children. Answer and solve these problems the core factor is only two words: talent.

however, compared with the Pearl River Delta and other developed areas, high level talent in small number of high-tech industry leading talent is lack of local autonomy, the patent application number, universities and enterprises docking fusion is still not deep enough, the high-tech enterprises and fewer problems have a good development foreground, is restricted in a certain extent. The science and technology progress and economic development, especially in efforts to implement the strategy of innovation driven development opportunities, Jiangmen’s urgent demand for talent hitherto unknown.

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