How to improve the core competitiveness of small and medium supermarkets

supermarket profit is relatively large, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the capital is not very sufficient entrepreneurs, large supermarkets are difficult to open up, small and medium supermarkets are more suitable for them. So, how to improve the core competitiveness of small and medium supermarkets? Mainly includes the following 3 tips.

1, technological innovation capability. Small and medium supermarket innovation ability, is whether the development and changes of the market and the society, the knowledge, experience and ability of the original process and refine the science, the ability to put forward new ideas, new knowledge and new technology, the innovation capability and the height of it is difficult for competitors to imitate the competitive advantage.

2, the management level of service capabilities. With the gradual and orderly market competition, quality of service, is showing more and more important role, especially in the small supermarket, influence of service capacity and service quality of the core competitiveness is particularly large, the same quality of goods, for good service and value-added, can also be due to poor service impairment the construction, thus affecting the core competitiveness of enterprises.

3, excellent corporate culture. Excellent enterprise culture is the core competitiveness of small and medium sized supermarkets deep content, enterprise culture is embodied by the corporate image, good corporate image is the basic condition for sustainable management of small and medium sized supermarkets to carry out.

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