The whole network for your secret why WeChat lost the show

WeChat red hot degree, in the creative products of science and technology was born, can be said to be a universal grab red boom, and this year WeChat lost the CCTV tender, full of popular WeChat red why no longer loved?

for WeChat and reasons of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala broke up, Ma Huateng only a fight with the opponent too ", apparently do not want too much to explain. The author learned from the CCTV insiders to inquire, cooperation effect on CCTV inside the Spring Festival last year, and WeChat had reflection and debate, that WeChat "blessing" Spring Festival evening interactive effect is limited, and even to some extent separates with the audience contact spring. Some of the audience in a few times before the red light to gather in front of the TV, reducing the concerns of the Spring Festival show itself."

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