Venture Street passion after the hustle and bustle

while cruising in the street every day business entrepreneurs are becoming less and less, but the landing business platform in the business street of entrepreneurs are more and more, these platform entities mostly exist in the form of coffee hall.

reporter Li Zeyu Beijing reported

Beijing winter, Zhongguancun Venture Street gradually deserted down. The coffee is really cool, you will see is lively while still really want to venture.

December 8th afternoon, "China Times" reporter in a total length of 220 meters of Zhongguancun business street over and go past the street, really feel chilly. Just six months ago in the summer, here is still crowded, promote the project, looking for funds, investors gathering, leaflets…… Like every day in the market. That time, Zhongguancun Venture Street was filled with a strong smell of coffee, only after half a year, really cool coffee


Venture Street ‘Lake’ status has been established, a lot of civil or local government delegation will bring them to the project to absorb, we contact the project is not reduced, but more. It can be said to be a trading center, can support small and local characteristics, type more platform here through the classification of transactions, we preliminary screening to recommend the project to the corresponding investors make the investment more efficient." The arrival of the traveler and the occasional different feelings, worked in business street "China investor center" in the words of Wu Yilong: now the business street can be said to be the "2 version".

toss more than

although not the oldest coffee shop on the street, but in May of this year, 3W coffee is undoubtedly the most famous coffee shop on the street.

3 to just two hours at 1

on December 8th in the afternoon, the cafe will usher in the 5 sets of collective visitors, they held the mobile phone, the coffee shop customers as a kind of scenery, and here the customer to onlookers never dislike, occasionally on the TV, also smiled, as a gesture of friendship.

Venture Street coffee is a kind of scenery, with the traditional coffee shop to provide customers with a comfortable leisure environment is different from the coffee shop on the street to provide a tense atmosphere.

3W coffee hang on the walls of celebrity portraits, entrepreneurs show success and inspirational, each coffee cup are engraved with the founder Xu just left to the customer character maxim "cease to toss more than".

"when the eight characters and the wall of the entrepreneurial idol appeared in the same field of vision, coffee became a stimulant, and then put down the cup, you have no reason not to re drive." That’s why Eason chose to come to 3W coffee every day.

Eason is the most common business street entrepreneurs, he in May for the first time in the news that the Zhongguancun Venture Street, June, his wife and two children remain in the home, came to here, in his words, this choice is for.

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