Who decides the success or failure of nternet products

in the era of social media, entrepreneurs can do business is to keep up with the trend of the times, the Internet technology elements into popular in business, and the innovation of project management in the end is hard in the end, the success rate is high?


after will consider, "how to extend the product life cycle, as soon as trassient as a fleeting cloud?", that is there are many Internet products, but also the most demanding problem of entrepreneurs. Because, it is not difficult to decide what to do.

We discuss the

the insightful, all sorts of gossip, but I have the heart of entrepreneurial era "raging like a storm how to do Internet products?" this question carefully to a.

A, "I think the product is good, can sell" era long past; do Internet products should be the product of thinking "to" user thinking "


I want to do a

?I raised the question:

the first point, the accurate analysis and precise push, should be more like WeChat can do ah. What is your competition? The most important thing is, how do you accumulate the user resources on your own platform? If there is no user resources, your big data analysis is not fantasy?

third points, even if your target users demand, so the demand depends on the size of the degree, because of the need to recommend

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